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Welcome to Skyward!

We are a group of roleplayers that specialize in the fantastic; anywhere from the dark ages up until modern times.We are what some might consider "old school" in that we are purely text based. Skyward is a Free Form Role Play (FFRP) and that means no dice or sheets required!  As Skyward has many portals from different times and places, all sorts of characters can be found and the only limitation is your imagination! For example, character types can include but are not limited to: vampires, shapeshifters, dragons, faeries, mages, witches, elementals, superhero types, elves, goblins, unicorns, etc. We can be found on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) either using mIRC or any other IRC client. We are located on the server. Our In Character (IC) channel is #Skyward and our Out Of Character (OOC) channel is #LandFall


Common courtesy and respect.

No god moding to save your character from a situation. No God moding period.

No killing of player characters unless agreed upon and witnessed by an Op or Half Op. (Must be logged.)

NPC character deaths are okay within reason. 

Keep sex out of main channel and behind closed doors.

We are not linked with other channels.

If you color change in your post, please be mindful of other people having different background colors and limit to the following colors: purple, teal, dark gray, and dark green.


Skyward is a beautiful, large, floating island in a sea of never ending sky. It is so high in the sky that you could fall forever and die before your body landed anywhere. It is surrounded by lush forests that are full of life. Towards the north of the forest is a large lake with glistening blue water that  sparkled in the sunlight and glowed with moonlight. Several paths wander from portals throughout the land towards a hill the top of which set a gothic castle  in all of its medieval glory, with glistening turrets and spires. Who ever owned it definitely saw that it was kept up.

 The moat surrounding the castle has one point of access. A drawbridge made of the oldest and strongest trees, reinforced with the best metals and coming from the two corners are thick chains which go up through the stone walls and down into the mechanisms with which to raise and lower it. Hidden from sight is the portcullis able to be lowered should the entrance to the Castle need be closed. 

 Along a stone path directly from the entrance into the Castle's courtyward is the main door to the castle, a large ornate wooden double door reinforced with metal edging and engraved along both the metal and wood are runes of protection in arcane script.

 To the left is a slightly thinner stone pathway leading to the front left tower, the Tavern. The door here is a smaller single-swinging version of the main Castle's front door. Yet the side windows shine with warm light and it also peeks from under the tiny gap beneath. Just inside is a wrought iron stand to hold one's cloak, cape or jacket. On the inside of the door is a triple bolt set up: 

 Top, bottom and underneath the handle to pull the door inwards to exit. Directly across from the door inside are the curveing stairs, both up and down. The way down into storage for the tavern faces the end of the curving ornately etched bar, which starts four foot away from the doorway leaving room for perhaps one to set a shield down or something else. In front of the Ornately etched bar are  a scattering of finely made stools. To the right side at the mid-way point a built-in fireplace with large persian rug set back a way from the hearth's flames. Atop this rug three couches and in the middle a largely ornate coffee table. Either side of the fireplace are two more couchs with antique end tables the furtherest from the fireplace. 

 The Floor above the Tavern is divided by a stone wall with a swinging door. Beyond the stone wall lies the kitchen, while in front of it are tables for dinning; those who tend the kitchens are skilled and able to adjust to turning out most desired meals within reason.

The floors beyond this are for renting, but one must ask and enquire and pay for them. Each room has a large four poster bed with privacy curtins tied back. A curve designed closet with ornate etchings. Wash basin atop a antique stand. Curve designed chest of drawers, sitting atop a couple of unlit candles in holders. At the foot of each bed a small chest to stow valuable items within. It is wise to note all furniture items, and indeed any item within the Tavern has enchantments laid upon it which prevent destruction of them by any and all means, so noted by invisable runes which were inscribed upon them. 

 Nestled along the edge of the forest and hidden behind the castle was a large medieval style arena crafted entirely from oak. It was a place where someone  could joust, engage in sword play, or even engage in a duel to the death, all while spectators watched in the stands and men sold food and drink.

 There are many hidden portals scattered throughout the land surrounding the Gothic castle in its Medieval glory. From the moat lies the plains, plush fields of long grasses peppered with flowers ranging from common to rare, violets to moon-light blooming.

 Enclosing all about these fields is the forest, vastly tall thick old trees whose canopy is high above the forest floor. Speckling the rich  earth, leaves and brush with dim sunlight beams. Apart of the oldest trees there are smaller trees of other varieties, younger seeming. Patches of briar with maze like quality. 

To the North-East of the Gothic Castle lies a high mountain, whose rocky terrain has both large bolders balancing and hidden caves. To the more dry and hardy cast bush and other such plant life.

 South of the Mountain, is a lake. Hidden within a grove of old trees, a scattering of grass and wildflowers coming to the water's edge. While the lake's water is calm, clear and cool. After you go down to a certain depth the sun's light or moon's rays fail to penetrate into the true depths of the lake. It gives the impression of being depthless as all bodies of water can. With a few really  large flat rocks giving a suitable surface to enjoy the over-head rays. Or perhaps a quiet place to picnic beside the lake on the grass.

 The edge of Skyward however is  something to be feared and not admired. The closer one gets towards what would otherwise be a breath-taking sight you will notice the wind at first like a  gentle sucking breeze. At the cusp of Skyward's edge it is like a howling banshee of a tornado determined to claim you and suck you over the edge into the  vastness of a fall that even were thee carrying food  and water both, you would find yourself dead before you found anything to land against. Of course that  only is if the fright of it doesn't kill you first.

This is Skyward, a place outside of time and space, where the possiblities are endless. Hail and welcome friend.


Below are some images for some common areas around Skyward such as the Guest rooms, The tavern, And the area surrounding the Castle proper.

Guest Rooms


Skyward Castle